Prefabricated houses, types, rules and permits necessary and not to build or buy them |

2022-06-15 15:02:12 By : Ms. Mandy Zhang

There are different types of prefabricated houses that exist and that can be purchased and built in Italy are, prefabricated container houses, easily transportable;prefabricated wooden houses such as chalets, built mainly in the Alpine areas;Canadian prefab homes, made of plasterboard and wood with plastic shingles and heavy prefabricated concrete homes.What are the types of prefabricated houses that can be purchased and built in Italy in 2022?There are many different types of prefabricated houses that exist and that can be built, some of which are very beautiful and expensive, finished and very particular and even large.A prefabricated house is a real living structure, capable of guaranteeing high performance in terms of durability, resistance to atmospheric agents, seismic agents and time and comfortable and today they are increasingly designed to satisfy even the most demanding, so often choose a prefabricated house , whether it is in wood, or in concrete, or in masonry, means having a very stable house, in a solid structure and at considerably lower costs than traditional constructions.Let's see what are the houses that can be bought and built in our country.There are different types of existing prefabricated houses that can be purchased and built in Italy are:Each type of prefabricated house can be built in a fairly short time and, we also specify that the duration of prefabricated houses is normally comparable to that of conventional ones.When it comes to the construction of prefabricated houses in Italy, a distinction is made between 'normal' large habitable houses, real livable structures, and small prefabricated houses that can be set up in the garden of your own home.In the latter case, no permits and authorizations from any body are needed to build prefabricated houses, because the small types that are put in the garden are part of the so-called free building works, and no permits are needed for garden houses if:If, on the other hand, the prefabricated house in the garden reaches or exceeds 25 cubic meters, then you must apply for the Building permit to the competent Municipality or present the Dia, or the Scia, Certified Notice of Start of Business.Based on the size of the prefabricated house to be built, we speak of a work falling within the works in Free Building for which no permit is needed, or for which it is sufficient to present a DIA (report of start of activity), or for which it is necessary to ask for a real own building permit to the competent Municipality.For all types of prefabricated houses built with heavy and stable materials, such as those listed above, it is always necessary to ask the Municipality for permission to build.